Ali Altalaq


Dr. Altalag is a Senior Consultant Intensivist, Pulmonologist and Echocardiographist in the Department of Intensive Care Services at Prince Sultan Military Medical City (PSMMC), Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He did his training in Pulmonology at the University of British Columbia and in Adult Critical Care and Echocardiography at the University of Toronto. He is currently the head of the Adult General Intensive Care Unit at PSMMC. He is also the
founder and former Director of the Saudi Thoracic Imaging Group (STIG) at the Saudi Thoracic Society (STS). His main interests beside pulmonary function tests are Point-of Care Ultrasonography and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). He published a scientific book in respiratory medicine titled: “Pulmonary Function Tests in Clinical Practice”. He conducted several Ultrasound Courses in the field of Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Bedside Ultrasound-guided procedures since 2010 to date.

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