1. Comprehensive Adult ECMO course for Physicians

Course Director: Dr. Wadiah Al Filfil

Friday, Jan 21st, 2023 (1 day)

1. Overview of ECLS, indications, contraindications & patient selection.

2. Physiology of VV & VA ECMO, how to initiate, maintain, manage & wean from ECLS support.

3. Complications from ECMO & troubleshooting.


5. exit strategies

6. transportation of ECMO patients

7. Hands-on simulation cannulation, circuit change & decannulation.

This course introduces the concept of extracorporeal life support for both respiratory & cardiac diseases. It covers the cognitive aspects of indications, contraindications & patients’ selection for venovenous & veno arterial ECMO. It also teaches you how to initiate, maintain, troubleshoot, deal with complications & wean ECMO support. There will be hands-on sessions & many simulation scenarios.

1. ICU physicians
2. Anesthetists
3. Cardiologists
4. Cardiac Surgeons
5. ICU nurses
6. Paramedics
7. Respiratory Therapists



2. Pediatric and Neonatal ECLS Workshop

Course Director: Dr. Abdullah Al Zahrani

Friday, Jan 21st, 2023 (1 day)

1. Understand the basic principles of ECMO.

2. Identify the components of the ECMO circuit.

3. Describe basic and advanced physiology of VV and VA ECMO.

4. Recognize major indications and contraindications of VV and VA ECMO.

5. Identify common problems and major complications of ECMO.

6. Differentiate the interaction ECMO has on various patient organ systems.

7. Comprehensively assess the ECMO patient with appropriate monitoring technology

Intended for Critical Care Physicians, Anesthesiologists, Thoracic Surgeons, Cardiac Surgeons and all interested Allied Health Professionals, This highly immersive hands-on workshop is designed to take the attendees through a complete Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) tour; from the basic physiological and mechanical principles to the latest techniques and technology updates .Through integrated clinical scenarios, providers will apply the knowledge gained towards the initiation and management of ECMO on simulated cases of acute respiratory and hemodynamic failure. Attendees will deepen their understanding of the applied physiology of both venovenous (VV) and venoarterial (VA) ECMO utilizing live tissue and high fidelity Workshop stations and its interaction with conventional life support treatments

1. PICU physicians
2. Pediatricians
3. Pediatric Surgeons
4. Anesthetists
5. Cardiac Surgeons
6. PICU nurses
7. Paramedics
8. Respiratory Therapists



3. ECMO Specialist Workshop

Course Director: Mr. Hani Dalaty

Saturday, Jan 21st, 2023 (1 day)

1. Discuss the Basic Physiology of VV & VA ECMO

2. Overview of the ECMO console and circuit including component

3. Review basic safety circuits and patient checks.

4. Demonstrate hands-on circuit and patient management during emergencies and appropriate troubleshooting.

5. Discuss patient Management of VV & VA ECMO

6. Analyze possible Complications of VV & VA ECMO and define the Role of the ECMO specialist during basic to advanced troubleshooting.

This course is designed for Healthcare providers the Frontline working directly with patients supported with ECMO.

We are aiming to provide an overview into the ECMO physiology and discuss possible complications including management and provide a clear instructive hands on throughout simulation based concept, by conducting 8 basic simulation scenarios .

1. ICU nurses
2. Perfusionist
3. Paramedics
4. Respiratory Therapists